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The Fountainhead Essays - The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, Objectivism

The Fountainhead Reasoning requests writing that can abet the comprehension of social perspectives. Without intelligent writing, man can't start to appreciate the fundamental messages behind way of thinking. One such way of thinking, objectivism, is spoken to extraordinarily by the ageless novel, The Fountainhead. Using convincing exchange, Ayn Rand uncovers her own sentiments towards objectivism, and her considerations towards congruity and autonomy. The translations and the ramifications of a few of the statements inside The Fountainhead precisely portray the quintessence of objectivism and empowers the resistance of customary principles through the encapsulation of the firm trend-setter remaining against the world. Society directs that there will be those that follow and those that will lead the adherents. Diminish Keating is one that sticks to congruity; a man of minimal free idea, an adherent. Howard Roark, on the other hand, is a man trying to accomplish a degree of complete and articulate autonomy from conventional standards. One telling section happens in a scene where Keating and Roark are talking about engineering. Keating: How would you generally figure out how to choose? Roark: How might you let others choose for you? As two men on the outrageous sides of congruity and freedom, it is hard for Keating to see how somebody could be so certain about himself, while it is unfathomable for Roark to accept that Keating could have so minimal confidence and such an absence of resolve with respect to the choices he decides to make. In such manner, Howard Roark is more noteworthy than Peter Keating. As a rule in world issues, littler countries cling to a condition of Finlandization; they clasp under the weights of a bigger country on the grounds that they do not have the solidarity to take a stab at free idea. Howard Roark, is a man who will not surrender to that more noteworthy substance and can think what's more, decide for himself. Conceit is characterized as a misrepresented feeling of affectedness. Frequently times, freedom and congruity have an extremely huge impact in self love. Regardless of whether a man is a conventionalist or non-traditionalist, he is influenced to a few degree by his own narcissism. Is sense of self, at that point, hurtful or gainful to our development and self-realization? Katie, a to some degree incapable minor character had a noteworthy conversation with her uncle, Ellsworth Toohey, with respect to misery. Toohey: If your first concern is for what you are or think or believe or have or haven't got - you're still a typical narcissist. Katie: You mean, I should need to be despondent? Toohey: No. You should quit needing anything. Ellsworth Toohey, the compassionate, is expressing that when an individual's first contemplations are about themself, than they are a narcissist. However, somewhat, isn't everybody an egomaniac? In the event that man couldn't care less about himself, his sentiments, or his assets, and has quite recently abandoned the world, than what is that man? He is in all probability be a Howard Roark. Thus, when Toohey exhorts his niece Katie to quit needing anything, he is stating that to carry on with an actual existence of vanity is shameless, and that longing is an unnecessary. What is basic to satisfaction, be that as it may, is commitment to and want for responsibility in our connections and our labor of love. Dominique: Roark, I can acknowledge anything, aside from what is by all accounts the simplest for the vast majority: the midway, the nearly, the pretty much, the in the middle. In the American work power today, very frequently there is an absence of worry for the nature of work achieved. In our instructive framework, understudies regularly just do what's necessary to just get by. Dominique sees individuals as sluggish, and to her that is simply unsatisfactory. Somewhat Peter Keating is sluggish as a result of his hesitance to expand his compositional skylines and make; he just duplicates a similar structure over and over with little difference. Dominique likewise offers a social expression by suggesting that society needs to reexamine its hard working attitude and absence of care. She insinautes that while existing in a condition of congruity, indiscretion is customarily ignored as an issue. Roark takes this requirement for commitment one stage further; he intersperses his existence with dedication as well as a free thinker style that was exceptionally imperative to his sentiments of self-esteem. Roark: Freedom is the main check of human temperance and worth. What a man is and thinks about himself- - not what he has or hasn't accomplished for other people. A man is characterized by his activities. Diminish Keating, for instance, may be depicted as an old buddy and an exceptional engineer, yet actually he is a shallow man. Never did he structure any

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Sherman-Anti Trust Act essays

Sherman-Anti Trust Act articles What was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? How was it utilized during the Presidency of Roosevelt? During the nineteenth century the development of what we currently call the economy was conceived. Before 1840 there were actually nothing of the sort as large business. The principal genuine large business was the Railroad. The structure of the Railroad Empire and rail lines all through the United States definitely changed the American lifestyle. Because of new capacities to travel significant distances and impart at an a lot quicker pace than previously, the American economy started to blast. Rivalry between Railroad lines was a merciless and furious condition. Railroad officials were in line to turn out to be incredibly well off. Not exclusively were the Railroad organizations blasting yet additionally the steel producing business was staying at work longer than required to flexibly steel for the railroad line. Steel organizations were additionally encountering hardened rivalry. The aftereffect of the entirety of the opposition between enormous industry was that the organizations went to Pools, Trusts, and Holding organizations for an answer. The holding companys objective was to control value rivalry through collaboration and coordination of opponent organizations. This brought about enormous restraining infrastructures. Bigger railroad organizations would scare and purchase out the littler ones placing themselves in complete control of the railroad business. In 1890, with the help of President Benjamin Harrison, Congress passed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. John Sherman, a legal advisor and congressperson from Ohio, was the creator of the enactment that endeavored to control the development of restraining infrastructures. The demonstration proclaimed illicit any business mix that looked to control exchange or trade. Punishments for infringement of the demonstration incorporated a $5,000 fine as well as a years detainment. Because of the unclear wording of the demonstration and the absence of a commission ready to authorize the demonstration, it was once in a while ever placed into utilization. In 1904 President Teddy Roosevelt revitaliz ... <!

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Benefits of Positive Thinking on Managing Stress Levels

Benefits of Positive Thinking on Managing Stress Levels Can you think your way to a stress-free life? It is possible to reduce the amount of stress you feel by having positive thoughts about the things that happen in your daily life. Most of us have had someone say Think positive! or Look on the bright side, when something didnt go quite right. As difficult as that may be to hear, there is some truth to it. Positive thinking can reduce your stress level, help you feel better about yourself (and the situation) and improve your overall well-being and outlook. The only problem is that its not always easy to be positive and some circumstances make it more of a challenge than others. The good news: With a little work on turning around your negative thoughts, you can become an optimist. The Attitudes of Optimists and Pessimists Research shows the benefits of optimism and a positive frame of mind are huge. Optimists enjoy better health, stronger relationships, are more productive, and experience less stress, among other things. This is because optimists tend to take more risks. They also blame external circumstances if they fail, maintaining a try again mindset. Because of their resilience, optimists are more likely to succeed in the future and less upset by failure in general. Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to blame themselves when things go wrong and become more reluctant to try again with each negative experience in life. They begin to look at positive events in their lives as flukes that have nothing to do with them  and expect the worst. In this way, optimists and pessimists both create self-fulfilling prophecies. Your Perception of Negative Events When you understand how both outlooks view circumstances, it becomes clear how optimism and positive self-talk can impact your stress levels, as can pessimism and negative self-talk. Negative events are less stressful when you see them as not your fault and less likely to recur.Similarly, positive events are even sweeter when you see them as evidence of more to come  and see yourself as the master of your own fate. Because of the difference in behavior, those who habitually practice positive thinking tend to experience more success, which can add up to a less stressful life. How to Learn to Be Optimistic How can you use this information to reduce your stress level? Fortunately, optimism can be learned. With practice, you can change your self-talk (your inner dialogue, what you say to yourself about what youre experiencing) and your explanatory style (the specific ways that optimists and pessimists process their experiences). Heres how: Take The Optimism Self Test. Learn whether youre an optimist or a pessimist and to what degree. The reason that this is important is that many pessimists think theyre optimists; however, optimism is defined by specific criteria.  If you know where you lie on the optimism-pessimism spectrum, youll have a better idea of what may need changing.Try to Be Positive. Once you understand your current way of seeing things, you can make a conscious effort to look at things differently as youre presented with situations. Now is the perfect time to practice different types of positive self-talk and learn how to become an optimist.Use Positive Affirmations. You can reprogram yourself and your way of thinking by using positive affirmations  on a regular basis. This will help positive thinking to become more automatic. Over time, you will have to consciously think about it less as each new situation comes up.

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Drug Testing is Not a Violation of Individual Rights Essay

Every day companies lose millions of dollars due to employee drug use. Athletes break world records with gargantuan strength, but not on a fair scale. Drugs ruin the lives of users and cause injury to those who must work with users. Detection by officials is necessary to curb this problem. When does the safety for others violate the rights of drug users? Drug testing, whether in the workplace or on the athletic field, is not a violation of civil rights. In 1988, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that 12 percent of full-time employed Americans between the ages of 20 and 40 used an illicit drug (Goldburg 62). Twenty percent of the 14.5 million Americans who use drugs are employed. This fact has convinced many that†¦show more content†¦Among high school seniors entering the work force, the levels of drug use were even higher; in 1988, 18 percent reported current use of marijuana and three percent use of cocaine (Goldburg 62). Drug use among workers costs companies anywhere from $50 to $100 billion a year in lost man hours, damaged or destroyed equipment and property, increased insurance premiums, legal fees, and lost efficiency (Zigarelli 77). The answer is drug testing. Drug testing is a simple, cost-effective technique for increasing the safety of others. Tested groups have included military personnel . . . state employees (especially those who involved in law enforcement and transportation), high school and collegiate athletes . . . (Levy 158). Drug tests are correct 99 percent of the time (Zigarelli 78). Richard Wornsnop explains the average drug test: In the first stage of testing, a sample of urine is injected into a heated test tube that vaporizes the liquid into its chemical components. Each substance takes a characteristic amount of time to reach the bottom of the tube, affording an opportunity for preliminary analysis. In the second stage, mass spectromy, the compounds emerging from the tube are bombarded by electrons. The resulting molecular debris is then subjected to final analysis and identification. If aShow MoreRelatedDo Drug Tests Violate Employees’ Rights to Privacy?1654 Words   |  7 Pagesto this question Do drugs tests violate employees’ right to privacy?’ The answers are given by the presentation and the analyzing different views evident in literature so as to build an argumentative case against or in support of, lastly drawing the conclusions set. This is made possible concentrating on a scope which considers the ethics existent in normative theories. It means that theories of a higher philosophical calling considering whether the employees violate the right of privacy of theirRead MoreDrug Free is the Way to Be1053 Words   |  4 Pagesor abuse drugs, legal or not, that cause interference within the workplace. According to the Human Resource Manager Eileen Esquer, from Isagenix International, when the use of drugs start to disrupt an employee’s job, they generate expensive health costs and loss of productivity for businesses. A controversial issue in the business industry is with employment drug testing. Companies that organize drug testing will provide safe working conditions. Although, employers who do not conduct drug tests, willRead MoreDrug Testing for School Athletes966 Words   |  4 Pages Drug use in school athletics has become a substantial problem in today’s society. With the rising pressure to succeed and the high level intensity in athletics, it does not come to a surprise that so many student–athletes are giving in to drugs. Many schools that are faced with drug use are turning to mandatory drug tests for student-athletes; however mandatory drug tests are a violation of the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment and drug testing reverses the legal principle of innocentRead MoreIllicit Drugs Have Become A Big Issue In Today’S Society.1430 Words   |  6 PagesIllicit drugs have become a big issue in today’s society. Many schools feel the need to prevent the increasing use of these illegal and harmful drugs. In order to decrease the number of students who are abusing or just using drugs, many schools have adopted drug testing policies. These drug testing policies vary from school to school; however, they all are testing students involv ed in extracurricular activities such as school clubs, athletics, and even students who own a parking pass. Although theRead MoreDrug Testing For Current And Prospective Employees Essay1649 Words   |  7 Pagesfinal paper I have decided to choose the topic on the very controversial issue of drug testing for current and prospective employees in the workplace. In the textbook we reviewed the opposing opinions of authors Joseph Desjardins and his co-author Ronald Duska and Michael Cranford. The main issue between these writers is whether drug testing invades an individual’s privacy and in what circumstances should drug testing be permissible. I will first review both Desjardins and Cranford’s views on the issueRead MoreAssignment 2 Essay1008 Words   |  5 Pagesprovide a defense for Roche and how a rights-based ethic might instead condemn Roche’s drug trials in China. Which of these two approaches is stronger or more reasonable? Explain the reasons for your an swer. Answer 1: Utilitarianism is as a view that holds that actions and policies should be evaluated on the basis of the benefits and costs they will impose on society. A utilitarian would argue that Roche was respecting the Chinese laws by first testing the drugs on Chinese patients. One could argueRead MoreDrug Testing Should Not Be Banned1285 Words   |  6 PagesDebate over drug testing students in school is very controversial. Drug testing students gives the school administration the power to drug test random students at any time. Various schools across the country have implemented these tests. Parents have very different views on this topic. Some believe that this gives the administration too much power. They also believe that these tests infringe on students rights. Other people believe that these tests are very helpful in decreasing the amount of studentsRead MoreWritten Analysis : Law And Ethics1659 Words   |  7 PagesWritten Analysis – Law and Ethics Since we were kids and became conscious of our surrounding, our parents and grandparents instilled in us an awareness of what is right and wrong. In other words, it is a trait of all human beings and fosters from our desire to get along with each other to live a harmonious life. Laws are a set of rules and behaviors set by governments that society illustrate on what people can or cannot do. The purpose of this paper is three-fold: it will identify and define whatRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1613 Words   |  7 Pagesaddress the legality of employers discharging employees based on the violation of drug-free workplace policies by using marijuana. As of 2016, twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that legalize marijuana in some form (Rubin, 2016). Despite the fact that various state governments have legalized the use of marijuana, when it comes to federal law, it remains illegal. This has created discrepancies regarding drug-free workplace polici es that mimic the federal policy enacted byRead MoreEthical Issues in Hiring1019 Words   |  5 Pagesalways adhere to the laws that are written to protect the applicants. The manager must put all biases aside and hire the right person with the right qualities for the position. While this is not a difficult task, many make it difficult. If an applicant is in a protected group, such as that of a minority or an applicant over 50 and the individual is not hired, the individual could file a discrimination lawsuit against the business. It must be noted that the business did not reject the applicant

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Gangs and Drugs - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1045 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/04/03 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Drugs Essay Gang Violence Essay Did you like this example? Introduction Drugs and gangs are one in the same. The drug and gang issue have been closely linked, and many gang affiliates are tangled with the use or sale of illegal drugs The concerns of gangs and drugs are both tremendously significant to todays law enforcement. Law enforcement today, have come up with different approaches to lessen the gang and drug problem. This research paper will look at the history of gangs and drugs and the policing methods of gangs and drugs. The History of Gangs Characteristics Gangs have been in the United States for a long time. In an article by Edward Flores, The History of Street Gangs in the United States: Their Origins and Transformations (2016) he introduces a Historical Model of Street Gang Emergence and Transformation. In the first phase of the model he talks about how gangs emerged from three conditions that is related to large-scale international migration: concentrated poverty, residential instability, and co-ethnic segregation. In the second phase, it is portrayed by weakened social control, family, and neighborhood. In phase three of the model it is named by youth gangs and subculture (Flores, 2016). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Gangs and Drugs" essay for you Create order In the book chapter, Gangs and Drugs: Threats to Our National Security by Hess et al. (2015), it talks about the most discernable qualities of gangs. Those attributes incorporate criminal action, leadership, organization, location identification, utilization of images, and a name. Research demonstrates that most gang individuals as of now were carrying out violations before they joined a gang, however their misconduct rates increment significantly subsequent to joining a gang. Albeit numerous gangs are approximately organized, some are formally sorted out. One basic authoritative component is age, with numerous gangs ordinarily having two to four age divisions. In some gangs initiative is greatly characterized and might be one of three sorts: collective, key personally, and chain of command. Normally, gangs stake out a geographic region, or turf, as their area. Gangs symbols are normal. Apparel, hand signs, spray painting, and tattoos are altogether utilized emblematic portrayals of a persons association with an explicit gang. Gang names shift from creative to clear. They ordinarily allude to areas, creatures, eminence, disobedience, pioneers, or a blend of these components (Hess et al., 2015). The History of Drug Use Different Drugs In the book chapter, Gangs and Drugs: Threats to Our National Security by Hess et al. (2015), it talks about American historys utilization of drugs. As the early pioneers moved west, one of the principal structures in every town was a saloon. In the 1880s, cocaine use was very common. Toward the start of the twentieth century, cocaine was the drug to use, said to fix everything from acid reflux to toothaches. It was added to flavor a soda pop, for example, Coca-Cola. A presidential commission answered to President Theodore Roosevelt that cocaine was a risk, prompting loss of occupations and lives in 1909. As general society turned out to be progressively mindful of the dangers presented by cocaine and different drugs, it squeezed for enactment against utilization of such drugs. In 1937 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, cannabis turned into the last drug to be prohibited. The use of drugs was not an issue for 25 years. The United States turned into the most drug swarmed country on the planet, with marijuana driving the way. Today, vast or little, urban or rustic, communities all through America go up against a significant number of similar dangers, with one of the greatest dangers being unlawful drug misuse (Hess et al., 2015). The five noteworthy drugs as of now are cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and MDMA (Ecstasy). Cocaine is a focal sensory system stimulant opiate from the South American coca shrub. Cocaine might be breathed in or injected. Heroin is a focal sensory system depressant that alleviates pain and initiates rest. Most heroin begins from opium poppy farms in southwest Asia, southeast Asia, and Latin America. Moreover, marijuana is very likely the most socially acknowledged unlawful drug, legislation decreasing punishments for its utilization has every now and again been proposed. Methamphetamine, or meth, is otherwise called speed, ice, and crystal, and, similar to, cocaine is a powerful focal sensory system stimulant. Meth represents a noteworthy issue for law enforcement. MDMA or Ecstasy is a manufactured, psychoactive drug with both stimulant and stimulating properties that make sentiments of passionate closeness to other people and separate any personal correspondence boundaries that may exist (Hess et al., 2015). Policing Gangs Drugs Truly, the police reaction to gangs and gang-related issues has been to dole out duty regarding control to existing units, for example, juvenile bureaus, community relations, crime prevention, patrol, and investigations. In the article, Police Response to Gangs: A Multi-Site Study by Charles M. Katz and Vincent J. Webb (2003), discusses the formation of police gang units and how it has been one part in the national reaction to the gang issue. To comprehend the police reaction to the gang issue, one should initially comprehend the improvements that have formed and defended the move toward suppression-oriented techniques. To begin with, policymakers never again trust that the social intervention methods of the 1970s are effective in managing gang issues. Social intervention took numerous structures, all dependent on the suspicion that gang participation was the side-effect of a socially denied community, and that the qualities and standards of gang youth could be changed by re-situating the adolescents frames of mind, qualities, and desires toward standard society (Katz Webb, 2003). The article, The Police and Drugs by Mark H. Moore and Mark A.R. Kleiman (1989), discourses drug threats to policing and the most viciousness related with street-level drug dealing. The most violence related with street-level drug dealing includes youth gangs and spills into the overall population, drug use undermines well-being, economic prosperity, and social obligation of drug users, drug trafficking compromises the thoughtfulness of city life and undermines child rearing. Objectives of drug enforcement: diminish the gang brutality related with drug trafficking and prevent powerful organized criminal groups from rising, control the street wrongdoings carried out by drug users, enhance the well-being and economic and social prosperity of drug users, reestablish the personal satisfaction in urban communities by closure of street-level drug dealing, help keep kids from trying different things with drugs, and secure the respectability of criminal justice organizations (Moore Kleiman, 1989).

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Event Industry Free Essays

Tutor: Peter Haigh Event Industry Arsalan khan 21146310 Tutor: Peter Haigh Event Industry Arsalan khan 21146310 Critically discuss the negative and the positive impacts of the London Olympic Games from the perspective of all stakeholders, including the local community, the sponsors, the guests, the organisers, the volunteers and paid workers? Author: Arsalan Khan Module code: TH40009E Tutor: Peter HAIGH Module name: Event Industry Critically discuss the negative and the positive impacts of the London Olympic Games from the perspective of all stakeholders, including the local community, the sponsors, the guests, the organisers, the volunteers and paid workers? Author: Arsalan Khan Module code: TH40009E Tutor: Peter HAIGH Module name: Event Industry This essay will look and discuss the negative and the positive impact of the London Olympics from the perspective of the stakeholders as well as keeping the local community, sponsors, guests, organisers and workers in mind. The main stakeholders of the London Olympics are: * Customers * Athletes * Residences of Greater London * Sponsors * Tourists * Local business small/ medium sized * Large national businesses * International Business * Local councils of London * Mayor of London * Transport * Infrastructure * Emergency services * * Government Olympic bodies * DCMS * BOA * LOCOG * IOC * NOC * The Legacy company * Other part-taking countries * Economy Financial institutes Olympic Games are going to have a huge impact on London and the surrounding cities there are going to be an extra 4 million visitors this year, this will not only effect all areas and business but will push the infrastructure of London to its limits. It will require unprecedented planning measures and the input of several different government and intelligence agencies to ensure a safe and successful Olympics takes place. We will write a custom essay sample on Event Industry or any similar topic only for you Order Now Throughout London all employees will be stretched and may be preforming tasks which they may not originally been employed to do but as the Olympics come closer there will be an increase in demand for manpower in businesses as everyone prepares for the mega event of the year. Already many firms have cancelled leave during the Olympic times. Already emergency services are under criticism as they fail to meet the required manpower number s and alternative measures are being put in place for example the fire service is no longer providing full ire brigades instead smaller response unites will be deployed around the Olympics sites. Local council will be ideated with demands form their residences and special permits for business and licences, this will stretch the councils workers across the board, many workers may be working overtime to meet the demand of the busy period. This will be a turning point for the councils as this will increase businesses in the area and employers will pay busi ness rates, local councils in most areas of London will be finically better off. Most communities are involved as it comes to the run up to the Olympics and the legacy company is ensuring they stay involved after the games are over, when the host city was chosen and the work commenced communities and businesses at the east of London suffered months and months of carnage and when the games are finished they will be able to enjoy the faculties left behind. There are many negative points of the Olympics such as overcrowding, major risk due to political instability in other countries residents may feel they are at risk of attack from exterior sources. Mass funding will flood in to London from overseas business and the boom in the tourism industry this will encourage the well needed economic growth, employment will rise to its highest levels and drop back down after the Olympic games. The Olympic Games will encourage new and younger athletes to take part in the sports and carry on the games legacy. Bibliography Tassiopoulos, D (2010). Event Management. 3rd ed. Republic of South Africa: Print Communications. 186-248. How to cite Event Industry, Essay examples

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Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place Essay Example

Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place Essay Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place Emotional Intelligence is one of the topics that gain popularity in business discussion nowadays. To understand what Emotional Intelligence is and how it may help to build a better personality and better worker, this paper is to discuss about to two main competencies of Emotional Intelligence. The first one is the Personal Competencies and the other is Social Competencies. By understanding these competencies, employees gain the knowledge of how to create a better workplace not just for those individuals, but for others around them, as well. Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and our relationships† (Daniel Goleman, 1998). As stated by Dr. Goleman, Emitional Intelligence basically is how we, as human being, are able to control and manage our own feelings, emotions and from there, we can motivate ourselves and others around us. It is the way for us to recognize, learn and improve our way of life mentally and intelligently. Personal Competencies include two major factors, they are Self-Awareness and Self-Management. Self-Awareness is the ability to read our own emotions and recognize their impact as we sometimes refer to it as â€Å"gut feelings† to make decisions. Self-Awareness also involves the accurate self-assessment – knowing our own strengths and weaknesses. We also need to have self-confidence, a measure of ourselves of what we are worth and our capabilities. One of the elements of the emotional intelligence self-awareness is the self-control as Lisa Nicole describes in her book (Divine Inspirations) and the article â€Å"Control that Temper! suggests that we need to know our limitations and learn how to self-control, through recognizing when we are about to lose our control and learn how to control our temper, we will slowly be a happier and ‘life well-lived’ person. (Nicole, 2009) Self-Control: we know we need it, but when temptations and frustrations are looming, we struggle to exert it. This week, I want to share some new perspectives with you on self-cont rol and inspire you to exercise more self-control in your life. We will write a custom essay sample on Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer When we think of the need for self-control, we often think of issues with anger and overindulgence. These areas certainly require attention, but lets dig deeper. Do you find yourself angry when people criticize you? Do you get defensive and then decide to seek revenge on people who may attack or wrong you? As inspired people, we have to remember that the only taste of success some people will ever have is when they take a bite out of us! Revenge weakens us because we cannot harbor resentment and negative energy and make progress at the same time. When we carry the burdens of anger and the need to control other people, we put on a 50 lb backpack that slows us down as we run the race of life. When criticized or attacked, you have 2 choices: strike back or allow your work to speak for itself and leave vindication in Gods hands. Because Gods ways are so much bigger and better than ours, we often plot schemes that are illogical and unfair, not realizing that God is just and will serve any punishment that is due. We separate ourselves from Him when we engage in combative and malicious behavior. The best revenge is a life well-lived. You may be thinking, Well that sounds nice, but some people really get on my nerves! And to that I reply, This is why self-control is necessary. Its the people and situations that irritate us the most that serve as measuring sticks of our commitment to self-control and excellence. Remember that your life is about being a builder, not a destructor. Outstanding people throughout history have faced violent opposition from jealous, envious, unwise people. Dont let a lack of self-control dissipate your energy and take your eyes off the prize. You are living an inspired life there is no time for petty disputes and time-sapping resentment. Youve got to be the amazing, self-controlled being God created you to be so that others will be blessed. Live well and prosper! Self-Management is the ability to recognize our own strength and weakness as well as how to best manage it to our advantages. The one person that served as an example of this is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft once said â€Å"Unlike some students, I loved college. However, I felt the window of opportunity to start a software company might not open again†. It is a prime example of self-awareness and self-management that guide or facilitate reaching goals as well as the initiative of readiness to act on opportunities. Because of his self-awareness of his abilities and the opportunity, he later becomes a richest man on earth. The other competency of the Emotional Intelligence is the Social Competencies. Social Competencies include the two main components which are Social Awareness and Relationship Management which this gentleman – Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electric who has known to spend half of his time on people development. He is a CEO of one of the largest company in the orld, but he knows the names and positions of over 1,000 people in his company (Dattner, )– that is how he builds the relationship to his people. What can inspire you more when the CEO sees you in the elevator and greets you with your name and asking you about your work! â€Å"he does knows me† that is the question most people in GE express in surprise and ecstatic. So†¦ with all the good things about the Emotional Intelligence we just learned, what can we do to â€Å"boost† our EI? First, we need to prepare by doing our own assessments of our current emotional intelligence, evaluate it and to see whether we are using it or not. If yes, how much do we apply it to our daily life/work? Second, we observe how we interact with each others. Do we interact with â€Å"emotional intelligence† or we just â€Å"re-act† to situation. Third, we deliver. We start to apply Emotional Intelligence into our day-to-day at work and at home. Then, record. At the least, do the mental recording of how many times we apply the Emotional Intelligence into our conversation, to our behaviors, etc†¦ and pay attentions to if this changes the interactions and behaviors of the other parties. Finally, go back and reassess of what is working and what is not and go back again†¦. With time, it will become more nature and you will see the results. By learning Emotional Intelligence and understanding how to apply it to our skills, we can build a stronger personality because we are aware of what we feel as well as others, we have more confident in our ability and therefore, we work better in a team – team player – because we have the ability to create relationship with others, thus, increase team performances. References Dattner, B. (). Succeeding with Emotional Intelligence. Retrieved August 1st, 2009, from http://www. dattnerconsulting. com/presentations/ei. pdf Nicole, L. (2009, July 17, 2009). Control that Temper!. Retrieved August 1st, 2009, from http://ezinearticles. com/? Control-That-Temper! id=2626596